2017-2018 Staff

LeighAnne Johnson

Columnist - Junior

This is my second year in journalism, for writing has always been a passion of mine. I also enjoy playing soccer and basketball and traveling. Writing for the brimstone allows me to express my opinions on different issues and...

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Cristian Alarcon


My name is Cristian. I'm a freshman that can't seem to figure out high school. I’m working with the Brimstone for the first time. I've always been interested in writing the news for people and writing in general, I've just n...

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Ally Rosenmerkel

Columnist- Junior

This will be my second year writing for the Brimstone. I'm pretty mediocre at writing, but I thoroughly enjoy it; my articles are always something I look forward to working on. I love having an outlet for discussing matters th...

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Emily Nilsson

Columnist- Sophomore

                           This is my first year as a Journalism student and writing for the Brimstone. This will be a wonderful new opportunity for me as I have always been interested in expanding my...

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Avery Hughes


This is my first year in journalism; I think working with Brimstone will really enhance my writing skills overall. Photography is another huge interest of mine and I’m able to practice that skill as well with Brimstone. Other i...

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Sebastian Arreola

Columnist- Sophomore

My name is Sebastian Arreola and this will be my first year working with the Brimstone. I am looking forward to covering stories that involve different perspectives on the topic and also getting to converse with members of our...

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Courtney Hassell


I am a Journalism I student. I have always been interested in writing so I thought I would give Journalism a try. I am also interested in volleyball, traveling, singing, and art. In the future I would like to use my writing skil...

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Shannon Coon-


This is my second year writing for the Brimstone paper. I am very passionate about writing, and current events. Journalism allows me to contribute my own personal commentary on relevant issues. I plan on studying to become an...

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Ryan Ortega


My name is Ryan J Ortega. I have been in Journalism for 2.5 years. I have an interest in this class because I am able to show off all the great students and events that happen in our school. I’m usually the guy to talk to if yo...

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Leonardo Anchondo

Sports Columnist-Junior

My name is Leonardo Anchondo. I am the sports columnist for the Brimstone. This will be my second year writing for the Brimstone. I am interested in Journalism because it gives me and others a platform to inform people about local is...

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Seth Plush


This will be my third year writing for the Brimstone, and my first year as editor. Journalism is a big interest for me because it is a great opportunity for students like myself to express their opinions in a public forum. I pla...

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