GSHS Football V. Administration

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GSHS Football V. Administration

Leonardo Anchondo

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What looked like a promising and successful season for the Glenwood Springs High School (GSHS) football team came crashing down on October 20th, when they were informed that they would have to forfeit all of their previous victories. This unfortunate news came hours prior to their game against Summit High School (SHS).

Glenwood, which held a record of 4-3 at the time, was moved down to 0-7 on the season after Glenwood violated Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) eligibility rulings.

The ruling states “If a principal’s designee or coach certifies or permits any ineligible contestant or player suspended from competition to participate, then all games in which the contestant participated shall be forfeited.”

    Unfortunately for GSHS, that was the case. A player who had more than one failing class was allowed to participate in the football games this season, which ultimately cost the team four of their victories.

The problem seemed to stem from the GSHS administration, which was not aware of the ineligible player participating in the games. With the ineligibility issue, GSHS completely fell out of the playoff race for the season.

    “It’s a tough spot for our kids,” said Glenwood’s athletic director Craig Denney. “our mistake put them there.”

    Glenwood, which was in the midst of one of their best seasons in recent years, will finish the season 2-8 instead of 6-4. The GSHS administration admits the issue was solely on them, and is committed to not making the same mistake again.

    “We have reviewed our systems and things have been put in place. This will not happen again,” said Denney.

    GSHS’s football program hopes to bounce back next year, although many current seniors will not get the chance to experience the playoffs or redeem their season. Many seniors have expressed their displeasure regarding the seasons outcome.

    “We put in too much work to have gone down the way we did.” said Senior football player Luis Mariano. “I felt like there wasn’t much done to try to appeal what happened.’’

    Many players are now discouraged due to the outcome of the season. Former head coach of the GSHS football program, Rocky Whitworth, weighed in on the issue saying “I feel very bad for the seniors, the whole team, coaches and parents.”

    Although a good portion of the drama regarding the season has blown over, many still believe the punishment was too excessive. Glenwood’s win-loss record before being forced to forfeit their victories was definitely enough to squeeze them into the playoff tournament.

    Whitworth however, believes “the process of playing football is more important than just a win-loss record.”

    With the expectation to have a better season next fall, the program is already looking ahead. Although the 2017-2018 season for the Demons came to disappointing end, the season overall was a success and a step up compared to past seasons.

    “The season’s outcome does not diminish the great effort, attitude and commitment of the program, we know in our hearts what we have done,” said Whitworth