GSHS Track&Field Seniors Forced to make Difficult Decision

Making it to the Colorado State Championships would be a huge accomplishment for any Track & Field athlete. For seniors, the chance of going to the state meet during their final high school sports season would be like a dream come true.


However, this years’ seniors have been put into a pretty difficult situation. Making it to state is, for some, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Not everyone gets the chance to show off their skills in front of Colorado’s best track athletes. But making it to state would mean possibly having to make one incredibly hard choice; competing in the state track meet or attending graduation.


Graduation isn’t just something you skip either, it’s a tradition that’s been going on for literally centuries. Almost every teen waiting to embark on their new journey in life looks forward to the day when they darn their cap and gown and walk out to receive their diploma; the physical representation of all the hell you’ve been through during the past four years and the fact that you’ve completed all of it. We all look forward to, or perhaps dread, that day, but it’s still something you don’t want to miss. It’s the day you realize you’ve made it through childhood, and are (at least somewhat) ready to embark on the greater adventure of your life.


So, how are you supposed to decide between attending one of the most important ceremonies of your life, and a huge event for you and your fellow teammates? Well, for many, the choice is actually pretty clear, but that doesn’t make it any easier. For instance, Maria Carlson already knows that if it came to that big decision, she would definitely choose to stay home and receive her diploma.


“You only graduate from high school once” she said, “and I would rather do graduation because I’ve already gone to state. I really need to do it. Graduation is just way more important.”


Plus, she added, “I have family coming in, and I can’t change the day or else they’re not going to come.”


One of Carlson’s times is state-qualifying, but she still knows what her choice would be if her event lands on the wrong day.


The Colorado State Track and Field Championships will be held May 19-21 this year, and Graduation will take place on May 21. So, let’s cross our fingers for our amazing senior track athletes, so that, hopefully, they might go represent Glenwood Springs at state with no extra worries!