Moon Knight Review


Marvel Studios has released yet another tv series to fit into the MCU franchise. With Oscar Isaac’s new Moon Knight tv show, they have introduced a new superhero into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Oscar Isaac plays Steven Grant and Marc Spector in the same body. He has DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). Steven Grant is a British salesman in an Egyptian gift shop and Marc Spector is a ruthless mercenary- they both share the same body. 

Throughout the series, Marvel does a great job with Egyptian mythology and properly displaying different cultures. Episodes came out every Wednesday until the season finale aired on May 4, 2022. This show displayed multiple twists and turns, and once you finally had a grasp of the plot or what the next episode would be about, Marvel Studios completely changed the setting to confuse the viewers. With the violence and language, this show has a rating of TV-14 but it also includes a lot of humor and irony. This show has a variety of Egyptian gods and goddesses, rituals, and themes of magic and romance. 

The show takes place in modern times but often travels back to the past to relive memories and learn about the character. My favorite part of this show was the fifth episode. Marc and Steven go through a special character-building adventure as they learn more about themselves and why they are there. I would’ve liked to see more background of other characters and the different gods and goddesses, but I think Marvel did a good job with the show as a whole. It did leave us on a cliffhanger and expecting a season two. I hope we see more of Marc Spector and Steven Grant in the upcoming Marvel movies. I recommend this show if you are watching the Marvel series as a whole, or if you are just looking for a singular tv show, it fits both.