Do you like romance, bloodshed, meat, and Sebastian Stan? Then this film might just have to be on your movie bucket list. 


On March 4, 2022, Hulu released the film FRESH, starring Sebastian Stan and Daisy Edgar Jones. As predictable as thriller films go, this one definitely has many twists and one important word; “meat.”


I’ve seen many films in the past where one of the characters isn’t exactly who everyone thinks they are, like this one. You can expect that the strings that created a beautiful, fun connection between two strangers snap and the bond between the two of them falls away.


This movie made me smile, it made me question the characters’ motives, and it made my stomach churn. The film honestly made me want to become a vegetarian that day, not that non-vegetarians eat women or anything. 


During the film, you are constantly witnessing the gruesome and grotesque details, so this film is certainly not a film for the faint of heart. 


With the sudden shifts that puncture the story, it sets into a motion that’s refreshing amid other generic horror tropes. It flirts with total disruption of the audience’s expectations, and with the boundaries of obcencity as it lands on “light-on-its-feet” humor. 


Even as FRESH made my stomach turn, caused me to develop a paranoia of falling in love with someone capable of doing horrible things, and made the thought of meat totally abominable, there was still something very fitting about how gnarly it all was.


FRESH makes you question your own motives, the things that make you feel safe and secure, and the way you view the person you think you love and trust. 


There is so much beauty throughout the film, the visuals of the dark red walls, retro style, cherries, bars, and even the love between these two characters, and the upsetting ending of their relationship. Behind those sweet, cherry kisses, blood would always find a way to mix into the relationship that had only just begun. 


This film is Rated R, as it includes strong and disturbing violent content, sexual content, bloody scenes, and much more. If you are sensitive to any of these, I would encourage you not to watch, or if it makes you feel better, I would advise you watch with a peer or trusted adult.