A Protest for LGBTQ+ Rights


On Friday, April 1st, between 2nd and 3rd Period, students at GSHS staged a walkout to protest the ‘Don’t Say Gay Bill’. For those not quite up to date, states including Florida, Alabama, Ohio, Louisiana, and more, have been introducing a new bill, which, if passed, will restrict Schools from teaching about LGBTQ+ topics, and targets transgender kids throughout the states.


In an NPR article written by Jonathan Franklin, he gives an overview of bills introduced throughout the country; “In Louisiana, lawmakers introduced HB 837 […] It would limit discussion of sexual orientation or gender identity in some grades and prohibit it altogether in others.” Franklin gives multiple other examples.


With these bills and others, many students at GSHS made a stand against the legislation, walking out in protest to these bills indoctrinating homophobia and transphobia. Students held flags, signs, and colorful clothing to protest the bill, representing the LGBTQ+ community and standing up against Homophobia.