Crime in Glenwood Springs

On average a crime occurs every 5 hours and 19 minutes in Garfield County. 


This is a shocking statistic, at least for myself. I mean obviously we are not gonna have a crime rate like that of Chicago or Detroit, with their seemingly endless shootings and violence. But for a community such as Glenwood, one every five hours seems like a lot.


Looking at it closer we see that Glenwood, with the exception of Rifle, has the highest per capita property crime rate out of the entirety of Garfield County.


However it is interesting to note that in comparison to all other US counties, Glenwood is in the 95th percentile for property crime safety, meaning only five percent of counties are safer. Your chance for being a victim of property crime, at least based on location, is 1 in 57 at highest and 1 in 211 at lowest. The exact rate of property crime is 7.47 per 1,000 residents during an average year.


Breaking it down even further, property crimes like theft and burglary are the most prevalent in the county, with rates of 3.78 and 3.35 per 1,000 respectively. Vehicle theft comes in third and arson in fourth.


In terms of per capita violent crimes, Glenwood once again ranks number two only behind Rifle.


Unfortunately unlike property crime, Garfield County does not reach the high percentiles. In fact it comes in at a whopping 44th percentile ranking. That means fifty-six percent of counties in the US are safer when it comes to violent crimes. 


Your chance for being a victim of a violent crime is 1 in 166 at highest and 1 in 471 at lowest. Now you might be wondering why the victim chance for violent crimes is actually lower than property. But the county percentile ranks safer for property. Something’s not adding up.


To use’s explanation, “When looking at the violent crime map for Garfield County, remember that the rate of violent crime per resident may appear inflated when people visit the area during the day, but do not live there. Parks and designated recreational areas, of which Garfield County has 27, suffer from this predicament. Of Garfield County’s 57,527 residents, few live near recreational areas. Because many people visit, crime rates may appear higher even for safe parks. Ultimately crime happens where people are, whether they live there or not.”


To summarize since violent crimes often occur in places where people aren’t, the rates for the whole county go up, in turn lowering the percentile ranking. However since most residents live where people actually are their actual victim chances are lower. On the flip side, property crimes are usually committed by residents to other residents so the victim chance is higher.


Not only are these numbers concerning but they have been rising in the past few years. 

If you’ve been paying attention to local news recently you may have noticed this. In just under four years we have had an attempted shooting, an attempted stabbing, a successful murder, and a succesful double homocide. And these are just violent crimes and only in Glenwood. Including the rest of the county and the rest of the crimes and, well, the list gets quite long.


So what can we do about it? Well why don’t we look at a city who has been successful in reducing crime rates over the recent years, Dallas.


Dallas in the past few years has seen a drastic 13% drop in violent crime rates. What are they doing exactly? Well according to Dallas Police Chief, Eddie Garcia, the answer is not focused around police expansion or defunding at all. He states that by involving many different city agencies to help with things such as street lighting, park access, homelessness, and initiatives like violence interrupter programs, the city of Dallas can drop the crime rate. And it seems they were successful in this endeavor.


The City of Glenwood could attempt something similar though to a smaller scale obviously. This isn’t a full proof plan though as other major cities have tried similar projects with much less success. So who really knows? Maybe you, the reader, wil be the one to figure it out.