All of Us are Dead

Joining ranks of the Squid Games, Korea’s new series All of Us Are Dead, which premiered on Netflix on January 28, 2022, had claimed a top ten spot in 91 countries by the beginning of February. All of Us Are Dead is based on WEBTOON written by Joo Dong-Geun where a high school science teacher, Lee Byeong-chan, decided to take matters into his own hands for the sake of his son, resulting in the creation of a contagious infection. “We live in a system of violence,” says Lee Byeong-Chan, “and anybody like me can change the system.” Because of this system, many people want to take control of a situation, but this only leads to disaster.


This show follows some students at Hyosan High School who are doing everything they can to survive the Zombie apocalypse while losing faith in adults. As strange as it may sound, Oh Joon Yeong, a student, declares, “I won’t ask an adult for anything ever again in my life.” feeling betrayed by the adults who abandoned them to fend for themselves. Another student , Lee Cheong-San, said, “it’s not like anyone will save us if we stay here. We’re the only ones who can save ourselves.” The adults, military and government who failed to protect, not only the students, but also the entire city of Hyosan, were left with guilt as their inaction resulted in the disappearance of the entire population. No matter how predictable this series is, the biggest plot twist leaves viewers either shocked or relieved, making it worth watching.

This series contains mature language, violence, gore, and sexual harassment, and it has a higher age rating than Squid Game. All of Us are Dead has a TV-MA rating, indicating that it is suitable for people aged 17 and up. Many people have expressed concerns about watching this series because it appears to be frightening, but others have countered this by comparing it to Train to Busan, another zombie apocalypse film that received a lot of attention when it was released, which had fantastic outcomes and should persuade viewers to give All of Us Are Dead a chance.