Misinformation and Not Understanding Sarcasm


Sarcasm is an art, and it’s something that not everyone gets. In order for it to be funny for those that can understand its nuance, you have to know the difference between what’s a joke, and what isn’t. Take the term, “Thanks Obama.” This term has been used in both sincere and satirical lights. The importance for distinction is in the context. Take this image:









Or this one:

These memes are famous, and even the ex-president himself recreated the meme, but the term itself was used as anti-Obama rhetoric before and even during its emergence as a meme. Some still use “Thanks Obama” as a way to blame him for their problems. However, in these images, the term is used satirically, as the maker uses pictures of little everyday annoyances and “blames” Obama for them as a way to make fun of those legitimately using “Thanks Obama.” And there seems to be a disconnect when those who are sincere use these memes as if they are legitimate rhetoric. 


My Instagram is subscribed to the #trans hashtag and one day I found this:




And I recognize this as a satirical post, of course. If your son comes out as trans, she’s not your son, she’s your daughter. However, looking into the comment section as I usually, regrettably, do, I found comments with bad spelling and all caps, such as “MARIGE IS BETWEEN ONE MAN AND ONE FEMALE!!! ALSO BATHROOMS!!!!” and “get your communist pronounce away from me.” Through that, I realised that the person who posted this is not being satirical and in fact believes this meme actually reflects their beliefs. So I visited their page, and saw some of their other posts, and I absolutely lost it with this one:

And while I won’t explain why this is ridiculous, its captions worry me. “Colombos is an american hero and liberals are trying to cancel him over a little genocide… Not in my house.” Although Columbus was a horrible human being, he’s not really being cancelled, he’s just slowly being ignored because of his actions. 


The problem isn’t that they’re criticising people with other beliefs, it’s that they’re using purposefully and blatantly incorrect MEMES as political rhetoric. So when you see something that may look like it’s aligned with your beliefs, take my advice: channel your inner 90’s and never interact with ANYTHING, ever.