The Batman: The Darkest Knight Yet


Rain-swept streets slowly creep onto the screen, crowds of people flood sidewalks and roads, and crime runs rampant through the city. As the gloomy tone builds on the dark setting filled with felons and lowlifes, a mysterious voice projects from the ambiance; “Fear is a tool. They think I’m hiding in the shadows, but I am the shadows.”


In this newest film installment of the comic book hero, The Batman has the darkest elements of any film franchise depicting this character since the 2008 movie The Dark Knight starring Christian Bale. Unlike any other iteration though, this version is far more realistic and brings elements that can be found within our real lives, heightening the authenticity of the characters on the screen as well as the setting the film creates.


The audience follows Batman, played by Robert Pattinson, who is most well known for his role in the Twilight movies, as he uncovers a mystery of recurring murders across Gotham City, the primary plot of the film. Paired with the police commissioner, James Gorden (played by Jeffrey Wright), and other characters introduced later in the movie, Batman discovers that the crimes infecting the city all stem from the same source, the Riddler. The crazed character is focused on revealing the darkest secrets of the city’s most powerful people, the Riddler, played by Paul Dano, is the main villain of the story who leaves clues as to who his next victims are for Batman to solve. But the Riddler isn’t the only criminal Batman encounters, and as the film progresses the connections between characters and their pasts slowly grow stronger, creating an immersive story that will have the audience trying to solve the entire film.


Certain aspects of this movie were executed fantastically, primarily the cinematography for many of the shots in the film. Much of the action was performed with real stunts rather than editing it in through CGI, allowing for the most authentic experience for the viewer. The overall plot is also more engaging as an audience member, since the movie is presented as a mystery rather than a hardcore action film that focuses on the violence more than the story. Thankfully for those who want to see some punches and kicks, Batman never holds back his fists in order to get an answer. Several sequences in the movie are extremely violent and portray Batman as a ruthless animal ready to throw down.


Although the majority of this film is very entertaining and offers something for all kinds of viewers, as with every film, it has its drawbacks. The most prevalent being the story, and even though it’s extremely engaging, this plot is a double edged sword. The mystery the audience follows is unfortunately one that’s very difficult to try to solve yourself, as a viewer. With most mystery movies, shows, or books, it’s important to implement elements that allow the audience to solve the riddles as the story progresses. Unfortunately for The Batman, any and all aspects that are solved by the Batman are nearly impossible to uncover for oneself, and some aspects still seemed nonsensical until after the movie concluded. 


Another minor drawback was a few interactions between characters towards the end of the film. The first half of the movie introduces Batman as a hardcore vigilante who seems like he would do anything to uncover the truth, but as the movie continues, some actions and diaglouge completely counter what was previously shown. While this does show character development, which is most likely what the film’s director was trying to get across, the interactions aren’t powerful enough to show personal growth but are too awkward to push aside. 

With the film’s release having a month to receive critique and reviews, this edition of Batman has an overwhelmingly positive reaction from sources IMDb & Rotten Tomatoes, as it should. As a viewer, I found myself engaged the entire film and was satisfied with the way the plot progressed, from beginning to end. A sequel is already in the works for the film, and this newest Batman could potentially see many more movies to come in the future. If you’re interested in seeing The Batman yourself, the movie is still screening in movie theaters, you can visit for more information.