How to Study for the PSAT or SAT

We all know the PSATs and the SATs are coming up, and it’s stressful. We’re wondering what scores we’re going to get and what will be on the test. There are so many questions, but here’s what is important to know:


Juniors and Seniors take the SATs, but Freshman and Sophomores take the PSATs. Both tests last three hours and are separated into different sections. Your scores in each section determines your overall score at the end. The SAT tracks college readiness, and the PSATs help prepare you for the SATs. The highest score you can get is 1600. When you apply for college, you can send in your SAT scores for extra credentials and experience. 


How can you study for the PSAT/SATs?


  • Use Khan Academy’s free practice SAT tests.


  • Pay attention in class. Your classes have the most important information you need to know for the test. 


  • Study with the study guides by the office.


  • Do your own research about the SAT: How they score, what the format is, etc.


  • Find a tutor, parent, or teacher to help you prepare.


  • Do as many practice tests as you can.


  • Relax the night before. Your brain will work better if there is food in your stomach and you’ve had a good night’s sleep. 


The SAT is a good way to increase your credentials for college and to learn good study habits. Good luck!