An Unlucky Ending for Demon Hockey



Glenwood Springs Varsity Hockey has officially ended their season after they barely fall short of a playoff spot.


Going back ten days ago, with a record of 5-11 and a 9th place ranking, the Demons knew they had to win the few games they had left in the season. Starting with an away match against long time rivals Aspen High.


The Demons came out a little rocky with Aspen pulling ahead in the first period 1-0. The second period went a lot better as the Demons scored two, one by Junior Kaleb Holm and the other by fellow Junior Avner Mangeot. Aspen also scored late in the period to put the score at 2-2 going into the third.


Early into the third period both Aspen and Glenwood scored making it 3-3. Senior Ross Barlow put that goal in the back of the net. Both teams would go scoreless the rest of the period leaving everyone thinking and expecting the game to go to overtime. 


Much to everyone’s surprise it didn’t. With just 0.8 seconds on the clock, a defensive error by Aspen gave Avner the puck and he ripped it into the net while half of the rink erupted into cheers and the other half were in shock. Not to mention the win was made all the sweeter by the fact that it was Aspen’s Senior Night.


The next day it was a long bus ride up to Crested Butte where we played the former. Coming off the amazing win last night, hopes were high for this game. Unfortunately they would not be realized.


The first period was pretty boring until the end, when Crested Butte scored and ended the period 1-0. The script flipped in the second and this time  Senior Ross Barlow scored. Finally, late in the third, Crested Butte snuck one through to claim the win. 2-1 Demon loss with our Goalie Hunter Oger facing 35 shots on goal.


Finally, to end the regular season, Glenwood headed back home to play the Centaurus Warriors. Much like the Crested Butte game, Centaurus scored one in the first and Junior Kaleb Holm scored one in the second for the Demons.


In the third Centaurus scored again about halfway through the period. Later, Glenwood pulled it’s goalie to try and tie it up- but to no avail, when Centaurus scored on the empty net leaving the final score 1-3. Hunter Oger faced another 39 shots this game.


Now despite the losses Glenwood wasn’t out of the playoffs yet. However we were at the mercy of other teams and their results. In short, to make the playoffs we needed at least one of four teams to win their next game. Because Glenwood is so lucky, exactly none of the four did and we were barely, by 0.001 RPI (Rating Percentage Index), edged out of playoff contention. 


The news broke late Sunday night and was met by sadness from the team who was looking forward to the playoffs.


Freshman Jacob Roggie said, “yeah it sucks but for me at least I get three more years to play and hopefully make it further. But I do feel sorry for the seniors since this was their last year here and to miss the playoffs by so little sucks.”