A Great Game to Send Off the Seniors- Girls Basketball


The girls varsity basketball team had an amazing game against the Palisade Bulldogs, and sent the seniors off with a win and a beautiful celebration. 


Last Thursday night, the Varsity basketball team went head to head with the Palisade Bulldogs and ended the night with a crushing score of 81-14. The girls have one more game around the corner to end their season but this game was a sight to see right before celebrating senior night.


The varsity team has four seniors playing their last season with the Glenwood Springs Demons; Miah Suarez, Kenzie Winder, Sophia Prieto, and Ella Johnson. The four seniors are leaving with a strong season at GSHS, with an overall score for the girls at 16-6 and a 9 streak win. In their second to last game, up against Palisade, the girls started off with a strong lead. Jocelyn Spires scored the first basket of the game and the first three pointer of the game, leading the team into a strong head start against Palisade. By the end of the first quarter, the Demons held 34 points to the Bulldogs’ 1. That led the rest of the game, when in the second quarter Glenwood scored 18 points to Palisades 4, the first half ending with Glenwood winning 52-5. The match was tense for both teams but the girls refused to slow down, and ended the third quarter scoring 17 points to match palisades 5. With a clean finish in the fourth and final quarter Glenwood scored 13 points to palisades 4 and ended the game with a score of 82-14, and a huge celebration for the varsity team. 


In an interview with senior, Miah Suarez, she said, “I feel so honored and blessed to play on such a good team […] We’re a good team because we work well together and we’re all good players. I really love this team.” The varsity girls have had an amazing season, and are finishing it up in their final game this Saturday, 12:30 pm, against Rifle. The game will be at GSHS’s home court, so make sure to cheer your demons on for one last game.