One Final Push for Playoffs


Senior Captain Aiden Senn and Sophomore Jase Joslin play some defense for Senior Night

The Glenwood Springs Demon Hockey team spent the last two weeks in a difficult and mildly successful stretch of games.


First to close out January they took on Air Academy and Aspen High with back to back games at their home rink.


The Air Academy game was a successful win for the Demons with a final score of 7-1, with one goal each coming from Seniors Aiden Senn and Ross Barlow. Junior Avner Mangeot netted two goals, sophomore Ian Cole scored one goal, and Freshman Brayden Dacuma scored the other two. Finally, sophomore goalie Marek Senn faced 26 shots and assisted the win.


However, the Aspen game was not as great. Aspen scored two rather quickly in the first period. The Demons were able to get one back in the first period courtesy of Senior Cooper Luetke. 


Going into the second with a score of 1-2, Aspen ended up coming out victorious, scoring one more on the powerplay. Some intermission speeches gave the Demons hope, but sadly a little too late. Sophomore Jacob Barlow ended up netting a second goal for the Demons but it was not enough.


Final score ended up being 3-2 with Aspen High winning.


With the record at 4-9 at this point, we were just outside the mark for playoffs. We would need some wins to squeeze in.


Next up was a home game versus Summit High. This game was not only important to the playoffs, but it also doubled as Senior Night; it was gonna be a good fight.


After the ceremonies honoring the five seniors (Ross Barlow, Aiden Senn, Jonas Kohout, Cooper Luetke, and Matthew Roggie), the game began. Summit was able to score one goal at the very beginning of the period, but after that both teams were held scoreless for the remainder of the period. 


Following some stern talks and some “For the Seniors” battle cries, the Demons went out to score three goals, absolutely dominating the second period. The goals came from freshman Brayden Dacuma, sophomore Ian Cole, and junior Kaleb Holm. 


After that, no one scored for the rest of the match, making the final score 3-1 in the Demons’ favor. It was a resounding Senior Night victory and a big push into playoff contention. Junior goalie Hunter Oger faced 36 shots and recorded the win.


The next two games were non-league and tough. The Demons faced Denver East and Regis Jesuit, two Denver teams who are, at the time of writing this, currently ranked third and fourth in the nation. That’s right; third and fourth in the whole U.S of A.


The Demons played the Angels in Denver and it was a demoralizing loss. The Denver East Angels scored two in the first, six in the second period, and three in the third period. It all came down to a final score of 11-0.


Attempting to forget about that loss, the Demons played again the next day against Regis Jesuit. This time it was a home match. Despite the loss the prior day and the opponents’ national ranking, we held our own against them. 


Like in the Denver East game, the Demons were able to hold Regis to just two goals in the first period. During the second, Regis scored only one goal and the Demons netted one of their own from junior Avner Mangeot. This goal led to an increased drive to win the game, which, going into the final period, was 1-3. 


Nothing much happened until about halfway through the period when the Demons took a myriad of penalties causing two 5-on-3s and many 5-on-4s. This would end up costing us as Regis scored two more on power plays in the period. Final score was a 1-5 loss for Glenwood.


As there are only three games left in the season, they all are important games. With a record of 5-11 overall, the Demons are riding the line between making playoffs or not.


An away match at Aspen this coming Friday 02/11, with another away match the next day in Crested Butte (Saturday 02/12). The final game of the regular season is Friday 02/18 here in Glenwood versus Centaurus.