Travel Safety Tips


Traveling can be an exciting and wonderful experience, but don’t forget about traveling security while you’re on the go. Here are ten helpful safety tips to keep you and your family safe during traveling time.

  1. Do your research. Get to know your destination before you arrive. 
  2. Don’t draw attention from strangers to keep you safe from dangerous people.
  3. Make copies of important documents, just in case you lose one. You can also take a picture of it with your phone.
  4. Keep your friends and family updated. Just in case something happens, help gets to you faster.
  5. Safeguard your hotel room. You can place a door wedge under the door or carry portable door locks.
  6. Be aware of your surroundings. Just in case you get lost, you know the things around the place you came from.
  7. Don’t talk with strangers, only when needed.
  8. Place money in different places. That way you can’t lose all of your money.
  9. Don’t travel alone. It’s easier to stay safe when you are with someone.
  10. Learn basic phrases in the native language of your destination.

Bonus: Even though we are still under a pandemic, you should still try to protect yourself and others. Use your mask properly, covering your nose and mouth at all times. Check your destination’s COVID-19 situation before traveling and do not travel if you have been exposed to COVID-19. If you are not fully vaccinated and must travel, get tested before and after your trip.