GSHS Hot Flash Finally Ends


Parker Wilson , Brimstone Reporter, Editor

As you may have noticed, the classrooms of Glenwood Springs High School have been hotter than the tea spilled between students, and the temperature is only increasing. So far, the 1500 and 2400 hallways have suffered the most. The extreme heat has gotten to the point where some students have to exit their classrooms and work in the hallways.

Amidst fears that this problem would never be fixed, I was able to catch up with some other students who shared their thoughts on the matter: “ Back in the fall, I’d be in 5th period literally sweating” said freshman Gretchen Laven. Tate Reed, another freshman here at GSHS commented that it’s “just too hot and it makes it really hard to focus.”


“I don’t feel like I can get anything done. School already feels like hell, but they don’t need to add literal fire to our list of things that cause us stress.” Added another student, who would prefer to remain anonymous for the sake of their privacy.


 Apparently, the temperature controls for the school haven’t been replaced in nearly 10 years and have been malfunctioning for quite some time so by now we’re definitely overdue for an upgrade. Thankfully, the issue was brought to the attention of the school administration and has since been tended to. But that doesn’t mean the building itself is free of flaws. Additionally, cracks in the walls have been letting in water and causing massive bubbles to form in the wall  every time we have heavy rainfall and it’s quite alarming to staff and students alike. So maybe tackling this problem will soon lead to solving others.