Girls’ Basketball- Another Team Bites the Dust

Glenwood’s girls’ varsity basketball team is on a crushing four-streak win.


Our varsity basketball team is heading into their next game with some great stats after the most recent games against Battle Mountain and the Palisade. The Battle Mountain game ended with a score of 53-20. Glenwood left the Huskies in the dust and headed straight for the Palisade bulldogs. Those Glenwood Springs Demons brought that competition straight to Hell, winning again with a final score of 58-33.


Glenwood held the lead in the first quarter of the game against Palisade, 23-8, illustrating to most how the game was going to finish. During the second quarter, Glenwood once again led the match with a score of nine to Palisade’s six. The third quarter led Glenwood to climb even further away from Palisade, scoring 16-7, but in the fourth quarter Palisade had a bit more of a grasp on their competition and were able to dent Glenwood’s lead, scoring 12 points against Glenwood’s 20. Fortunately for the Demons, their efforts were unsuccessful and the Palisade Bulldogs were victim to Glenwood’s fiery fury.


The Girls basketball Team has been on a crushing winning streak and their next game is coming up this Thursday against Battle Mountain for a second time in their home court. The game starts at six pm, don’t miss it.