The Importance of Black History Month


The start of February also means the beginning of Black History Month, which shines light on the black role models of the world as well as the history of black culture.


Black History Month starts the first of February and comes to an end at the beginning of March, but this doesn’t mean we can forget about black stories after these few weeks. Black History Month is important as it gives black people a chance to tell their stories and let their culture shine. The idea of black history month was first brought up in 1970, and was celebrated for the first time January 2, 1970 through February 28. Black History month is not only a celebration of black culture but also a reminder to people around the world about the systemic racism the black community has faced in the past and still faces today. It draws attention to black voices that deserve to be heard.


This is your daily reminder to listen to the people around you. Understanding one’s struggles allows you to grow, so let’s celebrate Black History Month and black culture, not just in February but everyday of the year.