CMC Expansion


In August of 2021, the CMC Steamboat Campus opened the first of three new nursing simulation labs. The lab has numerous mannequins that have measurable vital signs and are programmed to represent different medical scenarios. Breckenridge and Spring Valley in Glenwood Springs are next in line to acquire similar simulation labs. 


This will help nursing students gain patient experience and knowledge. Since the beginning of Covid, opportunities for students to interact with patients have been more limited, leaving these soon-to-be nurses with less exposure to extreme medical cases. Katie Lewis, a second year nursing student at Spring Valley believes that “This lab will serve our community by helping to foster nurses who have experience, confidence, and are prepared to join the workforce upon graduation.” These new labs will allow students to experience a wider range of cases and prepare them for things that typically would not be seen in smaller areas and in this valley. According to the CMC Rural Nursing Success Fund, “Students can complete up to 50% of their clinical hours in the simulation lab, reducing the need for costly travel to distant training sites.” 


Students are very excited to receive this lab, as it will allow them to have more patient opportunities and expand their knowledge. Katie thinks “the simulation lab being put in at Spring Valley will give nursing students the opportunity to have more hands-on experience which better prepares them to take care of their patients. Simulation is a safe place to learn and make mistakes before we have real patients.”

Posters are hung around campus with QR codes that describe the laboratory and renovations that are about to take place.The Spring Valley renovation will cost an estimated $2.0 million. The funds for these renovations are coming from the CMC’s Rural Nursing Success Fund. A breakdown estimate of the funds can be found on