Moving More Towards Recycling

The South Canyon Landfill has released a plan to increase dumping fees for most of their items this last week. These fees are scheduled to be put into place on the first of March. 


The main reason why this is being done is to keep up with rising inflation and to pay their employees fair wages. However, it’s secondary purpose is to sway people away from dumping trash into landfills (for the most part) and lean more towards recycling.


The Glenwood Springs Recycling Center has stated that their prices will not increase for a while and that they have recently expanded to take more items, such as batteries and other electronic waste, creating even more incentive for the change.


There is one item, however, that will not increase in price but rather decrease, that item being food waste. As you know, food can’t and shouldn’t be reused. 


“We’re incentivizing food waste by having some of the lowest food waste tipping fees in the state,” Public Works Director Matt Langhorst said in an interview with The Post Independent. 


All of these moves in the right direction are encouraging a greener future for the valley. Another example of some incentives in the valley is Trinity Metals, who are paying people to bring in their metals for recycling.


So, if you have any metal scraps lying around, go get paid.