Mock Trial: Team One Takes Home the Win


With mock trial’s most recent competition, Team One and Team Two had to battle with their cases online.


The Boulder Battle has always been a hard match for GSHS, but Team One was able to take the win for Glenwood this year. The members of Team One consist of Eva Simpson, Hayden Clausen, Hannah Feeny, Mason McCarty, Marcus Winton, Katelyn Brenann, Baylee Burton, and Angel Hernandez. The team had to argue their case in four different rounds. 


The boulder battle had all teams argue a civil case. The Plaintiff had to argue that a Chemical known as Lush was the main cause of a person’ cancer, while the defense had to prove the innocence of the company’s product. The entire competition had around 20 different teams. In an interview, Simpson said, “I felt as if the teams we went against lacked as good competition. We were able to beat most of them really easily.”


Feeny (Winner of best attorney) said, “this competition was a good way to see how our teams have grown but it also shows us that we still need to work on some things before regionals.”


With regionals coming up fast, let’s hope that our team’s confidence stays high, and the teams are able to work on their weak points, as Glenwood is up for some difficult trials this February.