Mrs. Robin’s Return to School


Mrs. Robin returns to school after a long recovery, free of pain and ready to go back to teaching.


Feeling strong and healthy, GSHS Biology Teacher Mrs. Robin returns to teaching after two discs located in her lumbar spine herniated. The two discs were pressed against the sciatic nerve, which runs down the legs, causing a great deal of pain and resulting in the need for a surgery.


“Living with chronic pain is really difficult,” she said. “It makes every physical action feel worse.”


Mrs. Robin said, “I’m so grateful to the surgical team for making me feel better, to all of the teachers at GSHS who taught my classes during my recovery, and to all of my students for their patience, understanding, and support.”


Recovery was hard for the first few weeks after surgery. Mrs. Robin experienced a lot of pain, worse than before surgery. But as her nerves calmed down, the pain subsided. She was limited to walking very short distances, and as a very active person, it was hard to limit activity.


Before surgery she was very nervous about the outcome, but once she returned home she was really focused on healing. She has an 18 month old son, and she felt guilty that she couldn’t help care for him during recovery. “My husband, Matt, and our families came to stay with us to help take care of me and our little one. We are very lucky to have incredibly supportive families,” said Mrs. Robin.


This a fresh start for Mrs. Robin, and as four of her classes are semester long, she is excited now to see new faces agin.