Death to 2021: A Look Back

Death to 2021: A Look Back

Parker Wilson , Brimstone Reporter, Editor

As 2021 comes to a close, Netflix perfectly captures the highlights of the year with it’s brand-new satirical TV special, Death to 2021. 


This is the second installment to come after Death to 2020 the previous year. The Netflix Original film features archival footage from the past year and commentary from fictitious characters recounting their experiences and opinions of 2021 first hand. The film hysterically covers events such as the death of Prince Philip, to the storming of the capital on January 6th, to the development of the COVID-19 vaccine.


This mockumentary opens like any other, with the introduction of the characters: a pro-Trump news broadcaster, a frazzled British historian who seems to be suppressing some rather confusing feelings, a social media influencer, your everyday citizens, and many more characters with a perspective all their own that’s sure to get you rolling.


After watching Death to 2021 with my Dad, I came to realize that this special is almost a way of celebrating 2021 by exposing just how much of a train-wreck it actually was. The jokes are perfectly delivered in a way where you can relate to almost every topic brought up throughout. Although, if I had to state one complaint I would have to say that the majority of the film is focused on Former President Trump and the chaos that ensued after he left office. It felt as if I was watching a documentary on the aftermath of the disastrous and wild Trump presidency instead, not that that’s any different from what went on anyways.


As for the movie itself, Death to 2021  is extremely funny, and a perfect reward for surviving another tedious year. It’s not too serious, and it’s perfect for a light-hearted movie night.