2022 New Year’s Resolutions

Evamarie Dietrich, Brimstone Reporter

The famous holiday of the New Year comes with many promises of a new start and new opportunities. A popular trend that comes along with this holiday are New Year’s resolutions, a goal that you make for yourself to have a better year or mindset than the past, and there are plenty of goals that you can make for yourself for your own resolutions. 


Every year, millions of people make new year’s resolutions as a way to make their lives somewhat better than it was last year, whether they want to work out more or read more. People always have an idea in the back of their mind of how to make their life “better”, and January first is the perfect time to start it. The most popular resolutions in the United States are exercising more, losing weight, and saving more money. But which ones would be most beneficial to yourself or to our society? 


As we get older, our mindsets change and reality changes along with it. It’s hard to look at the good surrounding you when there seems to be a lot of bad, but that’s why some people create these resolutions; because they need to have something to look forward to.


The word gratitude comes from the Latin word gratus which means thankful, but more specifically it means to be appreciative and grateful, to find the good in everything. Researchers show that most people enjoy the simpler things in life, are appreciative of other people around them, and find meaning in expressing themselves through gratitude. Gratitude is also found to be key in a healthy relationship. 


Sustainability is another great resolution but it can be hard to achieve. The climate crisis is one of the biggest global problems humans are currently facing and it can seem impossible to even try to make a change that would help. But even the smallest of actions can go a long way. Composting, recycling, and saving water are simple but great resolutions for the new year if you want to start living more sustainably. There are hundreds more resolutions that you can choose from as well this new year, and it has been proven that they can improve your well being and your mental state. Happy new year!