COVID-19 Variant, Omicron, is on the Rise

With Omicron COVID-19 variant cases rising, the fear of another lockdown is seeping into everyone’s minds. 


Facing nearly 1 million Omicron cases a day, the Biden administration continues to push vaccinations and mask mandates around the country. But with COVID cases climbing to record highs during the holidays, the idea of lockdown is coming into view for many. According to data from John Hopkins University, “nearly 1 in 100 Americans have tested positive for the virus in just the last week.” Mask mandates are also returning to many cities after a few months without them.


As Glenwood Springs mandates masks again, pressure is building for schools to do more to combat the rising cases, and schools are starting to push lockdowns. Our very own administrators have been sending warning messages to parents and students to prepare for a lockdown and returning to virtual school. The rise in cases isn’t just something we’re hearing about- we’re experiencing it in our own community. Many kids and teachers have to stay home in quarantine because of the variant. At this point, schools are running out of options and teachers. So remember to wash your hands and WEAR A MASK!