Finals Prep

Lauren Lewis, Brimstone Reporter

With GSHS finals week coming up before Winter Break, stress levels and nerves from students are rising. Here are some tips to do well on your exams and hopefully to calm those nerves. 


There are numerous different strategies and tactics to ensure you are prepared:


1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It can be intimidating at times, but your teachers and TAs in your tutorials are there to help you if you need it.


2. Use Office Hours! During the afternoon after exams, there will be open office hours for all of your classes. During this time, you can get the help you need for certain classes before your finals. 


3. Make Study Guides. Making sure you know all of the information you may have on your finals can be a huge help. You can then know what you need to study, and do so accordingly. 


4. Write down things you may forget easily. Numerous studies have shown that physically writing down information helps you retain it more easily. 


5. Rest. Get a good night’s sleep before your exams, be well-rested, eat a healthy dinner and breakfast, and ace those finals!


6. Study with people. Find a good group of people to study with, and use each others’ ideas and notes to gain a better understanding of all the information you need to know. 


7. Exercise. “But what does that have to do with my finals?” Well, exercising increases blood flow to the brain, which can give you energy and apprehension. Yoga can also help with concentration. 


8. Know your finals schedule. The schedule for finals is posted around the school, or you can ask your teachers. Knowing your schedule can help prepare you for the information you will need to know and when. 


9. Study in intervals. Study for a period of time and allow yourself to have breaks.


10. Try to stay positive. That sounds difficult, especially when you are under stress, but remember that you are smart, and after these tests you get a Christmas break!