Depression During the Holidays


Ashlee Mirabal, Brimstone Reporter

Winter holidays are approaching and you know what that means; decorating a tree with ruby red ornaments and golden textures, making hot chocolate and grabbing your favorite knitted blanket as you cozy up next to the window, admiring your generations old menorah or kinara, or watching the fresh snowfall at 8 in the morning. 


It’s so nice to think about spending holidays with your family, maybe opening presents or enjoying the food you’ve always loved with your loved ones. It all seems nice doesn’t it?


However, every year, hundreds of people spend the holidays alone at home, with nowhere to go and no one to spend it with. They may work long hours come back home to leftovers from last week’s lunch date. Losing a family member during the holidays is especially the worst, as you’re expected to celebrate, put on a smile, and pretend everything is normal and fine. 


Keeping up with gifts, chores, and festivities are all part of the struggle of preparing for the Holidays. Every year, some of us push ourselves to the limit trying to make sure we have the most memorable holiday, especially parents, who do it all just to see their kids smile when they open their new, overpriced toy set. There isn’t any time to enjoy the holidays when you are so desperate to make sure your family has the perfect time. 


The music and dancing, family recipes, special traditions, and get-togethers are all very pleasing and joyful, but not as much when you aren’t able to have those things. Many people don’t have the money, time, or family. It’s difficult to be celebratory when people are struggling and going through difficult times. That’s why I encourage everyone this winter to help out those in need. Not just those with financial problems, but people with mental illnesses, are lonely, or have just gone through some tough things recently also need to know that things will be okay. They have a place in this world, especially this time of year. 


Depression during this time of year is something that so many people deal with, including myself, but no one should feel this way during the holidays. Sometimes it’s hard to feel festive when we’re holding so much inside, it can feel impossible to get into the holiday spirit. But hopefully with more awareness, mindfulness, and kindness, we can make someone’s holiday a little bit brighter.