Demons Finally Take the Win After Four Long Weeks of Loss


Photos Taken by Jake Krelovich

Stefan Wroblewski, Brimstone Sports Reporter

After losing 42-0 to Roosevelt High School and 41-0 to Summit High School back to back, the Glenwood Springs Demons were certainly beginning to go downhill after the loss to Basalt on Homecoming Night. Their intensity and energy finally came back when they played the Steamboat Sailors, and they fought extremely well compared to the weeks prior. Up until this game the Demons hadn’t scored for two weeks, and lost by only one point against the Sailors for a final score of 28-27. 


The Demons came out of the gate strong and motivated against the Sailors, using their losses as incentive to bring a fight. In the first quarter, the Sailors put up 14 points within eight minutes of the game, but through an offensive series of 80 total rushing yards, the Demons put up 6 points at the end of the quarter. Although the Sailors brought up the score 21-14 seconds before the end of the half, Rey Rosenmerkel used the opportunity to make a kickoff return touchdown with less than a minute left on the clock, evening the score. Following a stalemate of the third quarter, Summit managed to score at the start of the fourth quarter which put the Demons at disadvantage with only ten minutes left in the second half. However, within that time Rosenmerkel was thrown a touchdown pass by Jouquin Sandoval, but unfortunately the field goal was blocked by the Sailors, resulting in the score of 28-27 with the Sailors securing the victory. 



Even though the Demons lost by one point against the Sailors, they kept the same energy and strength as they stepped onto the field to play the Eagle Valley Devils. Blake Nieslanik finally returned after six weeks from a leg injury, which brought up the energy even more. The game kicked off with the Devils receiving the ball and the Demons defense plowing through their offense in the first series. Immediately following the turnover, the Demons marched up the field and scored with a rushing play by Rosenmerkel and a successful field goal to start the game off with the score 7-0. In the preceding defensive series, the Devils fumbled the ball resulting in another turnover, with another touchdown made by Nieslanik before the end of the first quarter. 


An uneventful second quarter for the Demons was brought down by a touchdown from the Devils at the tailend of the half; however, the Demons were able to shut down the Devils attempt at a two point conversion. With the Demons in possession of the ball, they were able to squeeze yet another touchdown before the end of the half by Sandoval, and after a good field goal, ended the half with the score 21-6. 


With a rough start to the second half for the Demons with a fumble the play after kickoff and a preceding touchdown for the Devils, they were reminded that the game wasn’t over yet. Although the defense was still able to stop the Devils’ second two point conversion attempt, the score gap slowly began to narrow in favor of the Devils. The Demons offense saw this and shifted the momentum with a running play touchdown by Sandoval at the end of the third quarter with a successful field goal, ending the quarter with the score 28-12. 



The Devils came back swinging at the start of the final quarter with another touchdown and successful two point conversion, narrowing the score even further. At this point the Demons began to get nervous about the Devils increasing comeback, but another touchdown by Sandoval secured the Demons victory against the Devils with a final score of 35-20. 


This week the Demons play the Palisade Bulldogs in Glenwood, as they continue to comeback from a rut in their midseason. If the Demons win this game they’re secured a spot in the playoffs and will continue their season after the tenth game. Tickets are available to purchase at the gate at the Stubler Field this Friday at 7 p.m. Come support the Demons for their most important game yet!