Easy DIY Halloween Decorations to Make your House Ready for the Spooky Season


Noel Morales, Brimstone Reporter

It’s never too late to get your house ready for Halloween, especially if you’re looking for easy, cheap, do it yourself Halloween decorations that won’t empty your  bank account. Here are some ideas if you’re still searching for ways to spookify your home:

1. Witch Hat

Spray paint plastic traffic cones black then add buckles cut from glitter sticker paper to fill up the empty space in your walkway.




2. Bat Branches

Tie a piece of black ribbon around a branch from a dead plant , then with a white marker make two dots to simulate the eyes.








3. Monster Door

Dress up your door for the occasion with googly eyes and black glitter foam.








4. Ghost Chair

Cover a chair with a white sheet, then out eyes and mouth from black felt and 

stick it in place.







5. Pumpkin Balloon

Fill a balloon up with air and stick a black, paper jack-o-lantern face to the balloon.







6. Eye Balls

With two white beach balls and a marker, you can make vegetation come to life.







7. Flying Ghosts

With a white can, trace in a ghost face with a black marker, then glue ribbon all around the whole in the bottom.






8. Sidewalk Skulls

With a white paper, cut out the outline of a skull, then glue a stick on the back and place them around your yard.






9. Mummy Jars

Wrap strings of gauze around a couple of jars and make sure that the layers overlap each other. Then glue on some googly eyes.







10. Boo Banner

With black fabric, cut out the outline and slide a stick into the hole and glue it. To finish up, attach a piece of yarn to both ends of the stick.