Most Popular Halloween Costumes of 2021


Lauren Lewis, Brimstone Reporter

As October 31 inches closer, everyone is asking the same big question “What should I be for Halloween?” 2021 has been a big year for pop culture, including lots of new movies, TV shows, and celebrities, creating many different costume options this year.


One of the most popular costumes this year will likely be a player or guard from the Netflix original series, Squid Game, which has taken over the internet in a matter of weeks. 





Tiktok is a very popular place to find costume inspiration this year, and many “basic” girls on Tiktok are planning on being “space cowgirls”. Space cowgirls of course are not real, but this can be accomplished by wearing pink and sparkly clothes with “cowgirl” hats and boots. 







Last January, on the Inauguration day of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders quickly became an internet sensation amongst young people when he wore his fuzzy mittens and brown coat. This is another great option if you’ll be somewhere cold on Halloween, just like Glenwood Springs.