GSHS Mock Trial Teams Take on their First Competition

Willa Corcoran, Brimstone Reporter

The Mock trial teams for Glenwood Springs High School started off their year with their first competition in Denver on the weekend of October 15-17. 


The three Mock teams are Team 1 with members Hannah Feeney, Katelyn Brennan, Hayden Clausen, Baylee Burton, Mason McCarty, Marcus Winton, and Angel Hernandez, Team 2 with members Amanda Madden, Page Flenche, Rose Corcoran, Eva Simpson, Quinn Waaler, MJ Mintz, and Claire Quintenz, and Team 3 with members Ella Fosnaught, Sharaby Rangel, Lilli Baca, Sam Kallal, Joseph Deras, and Aaliya Workman Kinas. All three teams competed, and with a total of 16 teams at the competition, each GSHS team had a total of four court trials to attempt to win their case.   


The case for the competition was about Steff  Everly, a man being tried for the murder of Tess Malbec. Each team was split into two sides; The defense, whose goal was to prove Steff Everly as innocent, and the prosecution, whose goal was to prove Steff Everly as guilty. The teams would then go up against the opposing counsel and try to prove the case in their favor, either innocent or guilty.  


The the competitions against other teams were difficult but the GSHS teams worked hard and stayed strong through the trials. Unfortunately, the teams came just short of making the final round, with Team 1 being a single point short of making the finales. Luckily, the bad news stops there with several members of the teams winning their own awards. This Includes Page Flenche and Sharaby Rangel, both winning best witness, and Hannah Feeney winning best Attorney. 


The Teams will work hard for the next few months preparing for their next competition in February, and they hope to see a large improvement in their argument.