A Truly Devious Game

Matthew Roggie, Brimstone Reporter

Wanna play a game? What movie am I thinking of? Two seemingly unrelated characters awake in a dirty bathroom chained to some pipes. They have nothing but their wits, a couple of clues, and a hacksaw. The two of them have to figure out who put them in such a predicament and how to escape. A little added bonus comes when we find out one of the men has a kidnapped family on the outside and a time limit to save them.


Did you guess it? It’s the acclaimed movie Saw from the early 2000s’. A truly brilliant horror movie, Saw is not for the faint hearted. Despite being categorized as “senseless gore” from reviewers, this film was well received by audiences with a 86% on Rotten Tomatoes. Another criticisms from reviewers for this first movie are choppy editing and flashbacks within flashbacks. But you have to realize that this first movie was a low budget starter for the young director and production company. That is why a decent amount of the film occurs in one room with two actors. Flashbacks and choppiness are a product of this fact. And even with those flaws it was still a good movie. 


Many horror fans not only got the blood and gore this series has become famous for, but a compelling mystery to solve, and a clever villain, albeit with a slightly confusing motive. In regards to later sequels, they do more of the same with more gore, mystery, and of course more Jigsaw. They also get more complicated in terms of storylines and the series kind of loses some of its charm as it goes (most franchises do), but the original Saw especially stands as one of the great horror films in recent time. Plus, as an originally standalone film you don’t need sequels, although I do recommend you watch them as well to get the full story and experience. Overall this film and series, despite its flaws, it remembered by many and will continue to be, especially if they keep pumping out sequels, such a Spiral, which came out this year (2021).