GSHS Homecoming 2021


Ashlee Mirabal, Brimstone Reporter

In September, GSHS finally got to experience Homecoming again. Many students were hoping that they wouldn’t get rained on but unfortunately their hopes and predictions for the night were misleading. Marley Horch, a student at Glenwood Springs High School, was hoping they wouldn’t get rained on during the dance this year, but “the dance was really fun even though it did rain on us.”

And as for music this year, almost everyone seemed to like the DJ. The music fit many students’ music tastes, and, “the DJ had pretty good songs that were fun to dance to,” says Marley Horch. He played on Saturday, September 18, 2021 during the Homecoming dance, which was held here at Glenwood Springs High school. The theme was Space Party, and let’s just say it was definitely a night to remember.

The dance was a night of frolic, craziness, uplifting, and most of all; full of memories and fun. This year the dance was held outdoors due to COVID regulations, but there were tables and a tent over the dance floor. Luckily the school board was able to make it work and made sure everyone still had a great night despite the strict rules. 


It was great to see everyone dressed up and ready to take on the night. Hair up, dresses of all sorts of colors, great makeup looks, and most importantly smiles from everyone. 


And after a night of jumping up and down by the sound of awesome music, hopefully spilled punch, dozens of photos and videos, great food, and frizzy hair from the rain, the night came to an end. It was then time for GSHS students to go home from the crazy night with beats, memories from the night overflowing in their heads. We are hoping for more nights like these, and hopefully the school board is working on allowing many more events like this to happen.