The Demons’ Loss on Homecoming Weekend

Skarlett Medrano, Brimstone Reporter

GSHS homecoming week was amazing. The excitement was felt throughout the entire school when it was football time. Especially Friday, during our Demon pride day. School spirit was shown, and everyone was super excited for the football game vs Basalt High School. 


Both teams started the night off a little rough. Neither of them scored until the second quarter.  The end of first half score was, Longhorns: 14 and Demons: 7.  Basalt came ready to take revenge on Glenwood after their last spring season beating. 


The start of the second half was intense; Everyone was expecting for our Demons to fight harder since they were down 7 points. Basalt had other plans for the night, though, scoring 20 more points to take the win. The Demons put in their all out there but it wasn’t enough to take the win. Final score was 34 to 14. 


As I interviewed #73 Alex Cruz, he gave us details on where things went south. One of the main reasons he gave us was the miscommunication between the players. “The miscommunication was with the places and positions […] We weren’t as focused as we were supposed to be.”


They’ve been changing that, staying more focused and trying their best at practice to overcome those obstacles as a team. Each step they are taking, they are taking with precaution. These demons are ready to utilize every skill for their next game to take the win. 


This Friday, GSHS is hosting a game at 7 p.m, vs. Roosevelt High School. Don’t miss out and come support your team. Tickets can be purchased at the gate before or during the game.