Demon Day Pride 2021

Alondra Montes Perez, Brimstone Reporter

Every year, GSHS consistently shows its pride for Demon Day around September or October. Everybody came to school wearing red, black, and white to show our school spirit. Some of the seniors decorated white pants in celebration of their last year. It’s truly amazing to see how far they have come in over 12 years of education.


We started the day with our morning class, and in the middle of second period, all 1000 students went outside onto the football field to take our whole- school picture. Later on we proceeded with school on a short timetable schedule. Toward the ending of the day were the two most exciting parts of the day, the Prep-rally and our parade. This year we gathered outside for covid protocol and divided each grade level into their own section of the bleachers. Our amazing team of cheerleaders performed in the field before our homecoming royalties were announced and some student volunteers played a couple of games, including “Bubble Soccer”.


Afterwards, the homecoming parade prepared to leave, surrounded by crowds of people. There were a ton of floats and vehicles, including one to drive the royalties of the year. The procession went around to Glenwood Springs Elementary School and back, tossing candy, shouting our school name, singing, taking pictures and saving memories. We then returned to the school and ended the school day, with prospects of our HOCO football match-up game later on, amping up the Demon Pride and bringing tons of excitement for both the students and staff of GSHS.