Feel Free to be Yourself in the Pride Club!


Taken by Ben Roberts


Need a place to feel safe and understood? Well, that’s what GSHS’s Pride Club is all about!


Senior members of the pride club, Hannah Feeney and Paige Flentge, gave some information about the club in an interview.


To join the club, “all you have to do is come to 2504 during lunch on Thursdays,” said Feeney. “If you would like to come on any other day of the week, 2504 is always open during lunch.” You don’t have to sign any papers or fill out a form, you just need to show up.


“We want to create a safe space for anyone who wants to join. We do want to spread awareness, but I think the main goal is to create a safe space for anyone who might be struggling,” Flentge said.


The club does host a few events for its members, like occasional movie nights, guest speakers, and celebrations, but, “we kinda just get together and have fun with each other. It’s more about the community than the events,” said Feeney.


The Pride Club is undoubtably becoming more popular as well. “We’ve definitely gotten quite a few new members this year,” she said. “The homecoming parade was the best turnout we’ve had for anything pride related.”


So whether you’re looking for a space to talk about LGBTQIA+ related topics or just want to have some fun, the Pride Club’s doors are always open to everyone.