Passion for Spanish? Join the Spanish Honors Society!

Dania Chavez, Brimstone Reporter

The Spanish Honor Society is a merit-based organization that recognizes upper-level Spanish students for their commitment to becoming fluent in the language. Students can apply to join the Society at the end of their level 2 year (Spanish 2 or Spanish Language Arts 2) if they have a B average or higher in previous Spanish classes, a favorable teacher recommendation, and if they have registered for the Society. (Spanish 3 or Advanced Placement Spanish Language and Culture or Advanced Placement Spanish Literature and Culture). This club offers enjoyable chances to practice speaking Spanish, hosts community activities, and tries to help the community and school by using the Spanish language. 


The SHH is a high school honor society established by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese for students enrolled in Spanish and/or Portuguese (AATSP). In 1953, the SHAH was incorporated as the Spanish National Honor Society. In 1959, the company’s name was changed to “Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica”.


Raise awareness of Spanish culture. If you are passionate about all things Spanish, then being an SNHS member is a rewarding decision, becoming part of a prestigious society, gaining access to research grants, building a better resume and profile, and benefiting the local and global community. Honor Society not only celebrates students accomplishments to date, but it also lays the groundwork for future success. This organization exists to assist students in achieving even more, from networking to leadership chances to special member excursions and programming.


If you are interested in joining the society, you can contact Ms. Moore for more information at [email protected]