Reach New Heights with the GSHS Climbing Club

Matthew Roggie, Brimstone Reporter

“We climbed in tandem- Us on one side of the river and the bear on the other.” This is what Mr. Garrett Peters had to say when recounting one of his favorite moments from the GSHS Climbing Club. “We spotted the bear when starting our climb in No Name. It was a really memorable moment to see the bear scaling the mountains along with us.” Another instance he recalls was a kid who had been in the club all four years of his high school career and went from knowing next to nothing about climbing to going on his first lead climb. “A huge milestone” as Peters said it. 


This is what the club was made for. “I personally enjoy nature and climbing. I created this club in order to get kids outside and active as well as share my love of nature.” One of Peters’ goals is to teach the students multiple different climbing styles and techniques such as belaying and lead climbing. Peters stated that perhaps his most important goal however, is to create good stewards of the environment and the future.


This club operates in seasons. During the fall and spring seasons the club goes climbing.  They meet Tuesdays after school to do said activities. The club also has training sessions should the students want it. During the winter season they stay indoors and practice on rock walls such as in the local community center. If you need more incentive to sign up, Peters also looks to the future and hopes to organize bigger camp/climb trips to Grand Junction in the near future.


In order to join the Climbing Club, you simply have to walk into 2704 and have a chat. In case this needs to be said, don’t walk in during one of his classes and interrupt. From this exchange you’ll receive some paperwork. Then you just have to look through it and turn it in. Simple and easy.


If you’re interested in joining, please let Mr. Peters know as soon as possible.