Bailey Sarian- A YouTuber with Passions for Beauty and Beasts


Yatziry Gonzalez Ramos, Brimstone Reporter

As unsettling as true crime and forensic concepts may be, Bailey Sarian makes sure to give optimal information in a comforting way. 


The tragedy and monstrosity of the world of murder and true crime is not quite the subject people usually want to learn about, but it’s an important subject to be learned as many lives have been lost to horrible people.


Bailey Sarian is a 32-year-old Youtuber who displays her amazing makeup skills for the camera and makes it interesting by telling true crime stories. Bailey puts in a lot of effort in her videos as she includes great information, names, ages, pictures, exact locations, etc. She really makes sure to analyze thoroughly and look at things from everyone’s point of view, providing more comfort to the audience, like a form of conversation. Bailey’s videos make up for great company as well as she incorporates friendly dialogue and is very humorous. Also, her famous intro song is super fun to sing along to.  


True crime is a very touchy subject that hardly anyone can tell with ease and comfort, but it’s super helpful to learn about it as it can help with processing and taking in negative emotions. True crime also gives us the closest and most detailed information we’ll ever get of how these sick people think, and how their minds work. If you are planning on joining the psychology field, true crime is a great way to see the raw and fake emotions of humans. 


Overall, Bailey Sarian’s channel is a great resource to learn about true crime without feeling unsettled and fearful. Bailey is a great source of entertainment and knowledge at the same time, and is definitely worth the consideration.  

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