Make waves in Student Council

Alondra Montes, Brimstone Reporter

The Glenwood Springs High School student council club is interested in students who are willing to improve their academic performance and help collaborate around the school. 


The interview with Lisa Hartert, an English teacher at GSHS and the head of the student council club. If interested please email her or stop by the counseling office during school hours. 


Now, this club has been going on for a couple of years. Students throughout all grade levels are eligible to be in this club, and overall the club is mostly interested in the biggest event of the year throughout the school- Homecoming. Their activities are inside the school or it can revolve around the school functions such as  dances, assemblies, Veterans Day, Winter Assembly, Talent Show, Graduation etc


Overall this club wishes to accomplish great things and to help the school with all COVID protocols and meet outside or in a bigger space, such as the lobby, depending on the students to still have our precaution and safety. Like Mrs. Hartert sadid, “Yes, COVID spreads more readily in group eating situations. Working with this club helps everyone be safer around the school and their activities.” To raise the structure of the club and  a board that oversees its needs and activities. Students are the leaders of this club and are committed to treating time very valuable. For example, not as much as Mock Trial or the Musical, but more than a once a week commitment. 


There is a fair amount of labor involved outside of the actual meetings for the students involved. Membership is open to any interested,  students can join this club and invest their time in accomplishing fun and meaningful activities for all GSHS individuals for the future club plans. This club meets every Tuesday at lunch in 2506 from 12:21-1:01 if anyone is interested in joining. 


Glenwood Springs High School is very happy with this club and its interest to increase academic performance and involve students in a more valuable matter around campus. Overall this group concludes in many forms and is available for great functions and interactions, go and join now!!