Have fun with the French Club

Marelin Garcia, Brimstone Reporter

French club is self-explanatory; It’s a club for students interested in learning the unique and beautiful language of France, administered by Mademoiselle H. 


Wendy-Anne Hamrick is an amazing French teacher that lived in France for a while and adapted to the language known as French, and from then on became a French teacher. “Mia Lemkau, a senior, helped me start the French club when she was a freshman, and she has helped me every year to plan activities and advertise for them” states Mademoiselle H. As of 2021, French club started 4 years ago.


There is no finalization when they will meet and or the list of activities that they are thinking of, but as Ms. Hamrick states “In French club, we cook Francophone food together, have cheese tastings, play games in French, watch movies in French, play French trivia, make valentines cards in French, etc” but due to covid they are not fully sure some activities will be taking place for they will plan on how it will be set, but once they are finished Mademoiselle H will to post it around the school and will be sure to explain during her french classes to keep everyone informed.


As for joining, there is no specific form or requirement in joining the club, just simply show up to the meeting dates that will be set around the school. And to not worry, Mademoiselle H says “It is open to all grade levels”. As for those worried about The world-wide pandemic, those in charge will be sure to follow and help others follow the health and safety protocols that have been required by RFS District.  Her contact information is placed at the top of the article under the title for anyone with any questions or concerns about the club.