Join the Book Club!


Sora Hess, Brimstone Reporter

Join Mrs.Lamb in the library for a fun time full of books! Share your insights, likes, dislikes, and characters of your favorite books with people you know. Students are welcome from all ages and grades. 


With this club Mrs.Lamb hopes to promote literacy and a lifelong interest in reading and learning, expand members’ personal literary experiences, and to provide a safe, welcoming environment for members to read and discuss works chosen by the group. 


If you want to join today, scan the QR code attached, come into the library, or just come with a member. Members decide what books to read so make sure to have a good book in mind that everyone would like. There is no cost but there is a $10 deposit that will be refunded if you finish the book without losing or otherwise damaging the book. Meetings are on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month at 12:15.