We Need to Fight Against Systematic Racism

We Need to Fight Against Systematic Racism

Leyna McGill , Reporter

The recent movement, Black Lives Matter (aka BLM) and the uprising in Asian hate crimes have shown how racist people and the systems still are. 


As a Caucasian high school student, I have been sheltered from the knowledge of how badly prejudice, persecution, and hate crimes affect minorities in America. I will also agree that white privilege is a real thing and a problem too. Because of this, I, a white female living in the United States, will never be able to fully understand what it is like for the individuals subject to persecution because of the color of their skin or their ethnicity. I will never have to wonder what it is like for those people to be denied opportunities solely on their ethnicity or be shamed for their race and the way they look but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t care about it. Just because it isn’t actively happening to me doesn’t mean I can’t stand up for what is right. Even though I don’t know how much it hurts or how badly it feels to be oppressed and discriminated against because of the way I look, doesn’t mean I won’t fight with those who experience it throughout their lives. Racism is a disgusting practice of prejudice that is taught from humans to humans and we need to stop it. 


Many of our systems in the USA are racist because we were a country that was built up from slavery and oppression. Many laws have changed since then but they don’t fully protect people from discrimination. I believe that should change. Although civil rights laws make it illegal for acts like discrimination in housing, voting, accommodations and hate crimes, we should do more to stop racism. In my opinion we should make any acts of racism towards other people illegal. People should be charged and taken to court for racial slurs, outright discrimination, and anything that can be classified as harmful and racist. This would hopefully protect people of all ethnicities suffering from the effects of this hate. By making racism illegal we would also be forcing people to take responsibility for their actions and their attitudes that are hurting our society. To some of you, the idea of outlawing racism and creating punishments for it (such as fines, jail time, etc.), may sound extreme but this is a problem that’s been around since the 1700s and even possibly beyond that. We need to start taking more effective and larger measures to combat this and rebuild our society and world without hatred towards other humans based on ethnicity.


I am disappointed that we live in a world where people are killed, mentally and or physically abused, just because of their race. We are all one race- human. Just because there are variations of cultures and people doesn’t mean that we aren’t all human beings. We need to stop hating the differences in skin color, race, religion, etc. and start treating each other as equals. I hope that people start recognizing this and try to fix how they’ve treated people or how others treat people.