Don’t Mock Moxie, it Might Just Teach you a Lesson

Dont Mock Moxie, it Might Just Teach you a Lesson

Quinn Taucher , Reporter

Moxie is a very powerful movie about fighting back against sexism in high school. In the movie, Vivian played by Hadley Robinson discovers her mom’s rebellious past and is empowered to fight for feminism. As she digs into her mom’s past she finds books, drawings, photos, and phrases devoted to the empowerment of girls all over the world. Realizing all the hateful things directed towards women in her school she stands up for everyone by creating a group called Moxie. Throughout the movie as Vivian experiences triumph, anger, love, horror, rebelliousness, pain, and loss she is continuously supported by her fellow feminists and friends: Lucy- played by Alycia Pascual, Claudia- played by Lauren Tsai, Kiera- played by Sydney Park, Caitlin- played by Sabrina Haskett, and Amaya- played by Anjelika Washington.  But things start to get out of hand as destruction of school property and graffiti all begin forming out of anger for the injustice happening around her school. As the end of the movie nears the school stands together as one to fight problems that come into the light, demonstrating teamwork and responsibility as young teens.