2021 Super-bowl Recap

2021 Super-bowl Recap

Jaymin Kanzer, Sports Editor

Super Bowl Sunday, the best day of the year went down over the weekend, as the Kansas City Chiefs matched up against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the first-ever COVID bowl. Tom Brady vs Patrick Mahomes: The teacher vs the student. The Buccaneers took home the gold, as they destroyed the Chiefs 31-9. 

A matchup that wouldn’t even be possible without one of the most shocking offseason moves in recent memory that occurred just 11 months ago. Brady left his team of 20 years. A team where he fronted the greatest dynasty in sports history, winning six rings in nine trips to the 20th game of the season. Brady announced he was leaving New England on March 17th of last year, and signed in ‘Tompa Bay’ just three days later. This move lured Robin to Tom’s Batman, Rob Gronkowski, one of the best Tight Ends of all time, out of his year-long retirement. They joined an already stacked offense including two of the league’s best receivers, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. 

The Bucs cruised through the regular season, winning 11 games. Two of their losses coming at the hands of the New Orleans Saints, one coming from Los Angeles and the other coming from their opponent the Chiefs. They met the Washington Football team in the wild card round and beat them 31-23. Then traveled to New Orleans, where they got their first win against the Saints of the season. In their final stop before the Super Bowl, they went to Lambeau Field in Green Bay and beat Aaron Rodgers and the Packers to send them to the 55th edition of the big game. 

There they met the Chiefs. A year removed from winning it all, they looked to do it again, a feat that hasn’t been done since Brady did it 17 years ago. Led by Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs were favored by three points to win by Vegas odds. Kansas City also cruised right through the regular season, going 14-2, losing week 4 to the Oakland Raiders and week 17 to the Los Angeles Chargers. A game where most of the Chiefs starters were sitting because they had already clinched the first-round bye. They beat the Cleveland Browns in the first round, then the Buffalo Bills in the championship round, a team that hadn’t been beaten for three months before that. 

The stage was set, all was left was to act it out. Tampa played in front of their home fans, something that had never happened before in the Super Bowl era. With limited seating available 22,000 fans were let in to watch the game, 7500 of them being healthcare workers. The Chiefs won the coin toss and chose to receive, and with the kick from Kansas City kicker Harrison Butker, Brady was officially the oldest person to play in a Super Bowl. 

The Bucs struck first, on an eight-yard touchdown pass back from Brady to Gronk. A story we had seen so many times, they gave the two of them a record; the most prolific passing duo in postseason history. In his ten super bowl appearances, that was the first time Brady had thrown a touchdown pass in the first quarter. The thirteenth time the two connected on a touchdown, and the fourteenth coming in the second quarter. Late in the second quarter, it looked as if Kansas City was about to start a comeback. Hitting a field goal to cut the deficit to 8 with less than two minutes in the half and were set to receive the ball after the Pepsi Halftime Show. That’s when we saw the GOAT (greatest of all time) get to work. The Chiefs made two horrible pass interferences and then lined up offsides on a field goal which placed the ball at the Chief’s one-yard line. Brady found wideout Antonio Brown and connected for his third touchdown pass of the half. 

Although Brady played arguably his best super bowl, he wasn’t the reason the Bucs took home the Lombardi trophy. It was the defense that stole the show. The Cheifs were missing two starting offensive tackles in Eric Fisher and Mitchell Schwartz, and the Bucs took advantage of that. They were putting so much pressure on Mahomes, he had to run nearly 500 yards behind the line of scrimmage just trying to avoid sacks. Adding on to that, the Bucs double-covered receiver Tyreek Hill, and tight end Travis Kelse on nearly every route they ran. He was sacked three times, picked off twice, and held out of the end zone. Something that hadn’t happened since 2019. Thanks to a 20-yard touchdown run by runningback Lenoard Fournette, and a field goal by kicker Ryan Succop, the game was put out of reach. 31-9 was the final score. For the first time in Patrick Mahomes career, he lost by more than score. 

One of the most exciting parts of the second half was when a fan in a pink leotard hopped onto the field and ran around for a while before getting tackled by security and most likely thrown in jail. It has recently come out that, the fan that jumped on the field made over 360 thousand dollars because he bet on their being a streaker during the game. Once the clock struck double zeros, the red and white Lombardi-shaped confetti blasted out of the cannons and the Bucs were victorious. For the fifth time in his career, Brady was named super bowl MVP, two more than Joe Montana who has the second most MVPs. Brady threw for 201 yards and three touchdowns. This is his 7th ring, putting him one past the Patriots and Steelers. He has more championships than any franchise in the NFL. If he isn’t the greatest to ever do it in your mind, you got some rethinking to do.