French Club has yet to say Au Revoir

French Club has yet to say Au Revoir

Leyna McGill, Reporter

The French club has yet to say bonjour and get started this year, but Ms. Hamrick is hopeful and excited to get things running. The French Club is a place where students can meet new people, learn something new and just have fun!

Every student is welcome to join even if they aren’t in French class. Students can join by showing up to the events. The club tries to host at least one event per month throughout the whole school year. Even though there isn’t a set schedule this year they would usually provide one with different times and different events. So far all the events have been done inside the school but the French Club is hoping to have some events in the community.

“We have done a variety of different events in the past, including cooking, watching movies, playing games, trivia, carving pumpkins, listening to music, and student presentations. There is no strict time commitment. Anyone can come to any of the events, and they can arrive late or leave early if they need to. It is very flexible!” Ms. Hamrick said.

The club will be a little different this year because of COVID-19 protocols. Most likely meetings will be held virtually but if the club was able to meet in-person the same rules for in-person school would apply. The virtual world can also provide new opportunities.

Ms. Hamerick stated, “This year, I really want to plan some virtual events to hear from some of my friends in France, but I have not had the time to organize it yet. Hopefully soon!”

Ms. Hamrick’s main goal is to enrich and link students together who want to learn about the language and Francophone (all of the countries who speak French) cultures.

“I hope that students from different grade levels and with different interests can meet and make connections. Ultimately, I hope to foster a safe space where anyone feels comfortable to join and to learn something about the French language or Francophone cultures!”

If you have any questions about the French Club or its meetings and events, contact Ms. Hamrick at [email protected]