Become Linked With Each Other in Linked Crew


Taken By Gracie Stewart

Quinn Taucher , Reporter

The Link Crew club has been around for a while and it has had one goal: to help new students settle in. 


Members from the 11th and 12th grade take a 2-day training in the summer and attend meetings once a month. They have around 40 to 50 members every year. A couple of members get put into each class. 


“We pick juniors and seniors that demonstrate empathy, excitement and confidence of being who they are and aren’t pressured into making decisions based on peers,” said Diana Buirgy, one of the teachers who helps run the club. 


The club has helped many kids find their way around the school, but it has also helped connect the upperclassmen and the lower classmen. They orchestrate the freshman orientation, they answer questions, and share some advice from their own experiences.


“Generally, Link crew looks about the same every year, we just help freshmen adjust to high school,” said Charlotte Olszewski, a member of the club.


If any juniors or seniors wish to join this very enriching experience for them, please contact Ms. Wilson or Ms. Buirgy, and there are applications available in March.


“Link Leaders are GSHS’s finest human beings. We are leaders from all different walks of life and thoroughly enjoy it.” Buirgy said.