2021 is Starting off With Stranger Things

2021 is Starting off With Stranger Things

Parker Wilson, Reporter

Since the outbreak and worldwide spread of the COVID-19 virus, events, such as the filming and release of movies and TV shows and the scheduling of  concerts, have been postponed or even cancelled. And while some productions have been able to get pushed through, such as the popular Netflix series Cobra Kai or the popular CW series of Riverdale, others haven’t been so lucky. For Stranger Things, one of Netflix’s highly anticipated shows, their luck with returning to set hasn’t been the best. 


Since the 3rd season of the award-winning show aired on the streaming platform in early July of 2019, it has been back on top. Yet, when the pandemic hit, they were shut down. They originally announced they would begin production for the 4th season in early February, but as COVID-19 cases went up, production was suspended only a short month later. (What else could go wrong, right?) 


The slow down of production hasn’t stopped the cast members from exploring new roles however. Millie Bobby Brown, who portrays Eleven, recently starred as the lead role in the new film Enola Holmes. David Harbour (‘Chief Jim Hopper’), will make an appearance in the upcoming Black Widow film; Noah Schnapp (‘Will Byers’) took on lead roles in Waiting for Anya, and Adam Sandler’s Hubie Halloween, while fellow castmate Finn Wolfhard (‘Mike Wheeler’), will star in the upcoming film Ghostbusters: A New Age. While the cast kept busy, there was still no word on when Stranger Things would return.


After months of waiting on the newest update, at the start of October, it was announced to the public that Stranger Things and it’s cast and crew had returned to set and resumed filming with the proper safety regulations to boot, as behind the scenes photos show the cast wearing masks and socially distancing between takes.


With the production showing proper safety steps, it can be confidently said that Stranger Things will make its long awaited comeback. And though an official release date has not been confirmed, we are all hoping it’s soon. Unfortunately, we may not see the fictional town of Hawkins Indiana until later in 2021. And as if that wasn’t enough, the Duffer brothers, creators of Stranger Things, have said that it’s 4th season may very well be its last, breaking the hearts of all those who watch the show, even if we knew the story was never meant to go on forever. However, director Shawn Levy has said he’s very much on board with the idea of a 5th season. But if this 5th season were to become a reality, they’d have to make it quick being that the majority of the young cast are all nearly adults, which is an obvious obstacle to get past since the show’s plot revolves around the kids. 


After all that has happened, one of the things that has made us feel like we’re back in the normal world is finally having the chance to come back on screen. Along with this, sitting in front of the TV and binge watching our favorite shows is becoming a possibility again. But in this new reality, we’ve seen that even things such as that can come to a sudden stop. But slowly, step by step, we’re all recovering, and finally, getting our shows back.