All American Tv Show Review: Next Show to Watch


Addison Luetke , Reporter

During this crazy time where most of us are stuck at home, we find ourselves with a lot more time on our hands, and what better to do than watch a new amazing show on Netflix. All American is a sports drama series created by April Blair, inspired by professional American football player Spencer Paysinger.

In the show a rising high school football player from Crenshaw (the hood of L.A.) is recruited to play football for Beverly Hills High school, with his decision, he is forced to move in with Beverly’s coach and only lives with his family during the weekend. Between the struggles of two different families, winning and losing, and the completely different worlds of Crenshaw and Beverly Hills, things start to collide.

In season one Spencer struggles to split his time between homes and his mom and brother, Dylan, want the best success for him, and his best friend Coop is dealing with gangs in Crenshaw. Living with coach Billy Baker and his family is hard because his son Jordan, also the team’s starting quarterback is not thrilled to be sharing his dad’s attention with Spencer. He does grow a close bond with coach’s daughter, Olivia Baker. Spencer is also struggling with his father’s abandonment for a coaching job. Despite the major cultural shock and other struggles Spencer is having, he is the new star player at Beverly and has everyone talking about his great success. High school drama does arise at school in Beverly and at home in Crenshaw, but Spencer, Jordan and the team still manage to take the state title over Spencer’s former team, South Crenshaw.

Season two, which recently aired on Netflix, highlights the family drama at the Baker home and Spencer’s home in Crenshaw. After having an affair, Billy Baker’s family falls apart, Jordan decides to deal with the drama, Olivia is fighting to reunite her broken family while her mom Laura is still in depression. Meanwhile, Spencer’s father comes home and Spencer is torn with the decision to stay at Beverly or to move back home to South Crenshaw. Spencer and his friends are trying to stop gang violence in Crenshaw after many deaths in the area. After the tough decision to stay at Beverly, and a serious injury, Spencer recovered and again brought the Beverly Eagles much success on the football field.

All American is a show that brings out many aspects of high school that are often not discussed or looked at closely. It talks about discrimination, depression, lost friendships, drug and alcohol abuse, family hardships, and also highlights the good times that high school brings. All American brings up topics that sometimes are hidden and show that you don’t always know what someone is going through and that their hardships result in their actions. The show also talks about gang violence and how shooting and killing people is not the answer to all problems, which is a great lesson for our nation.

The cast and crew of All American have planned to start filming for season three in July, and depending on the world’s status will air on CW in October 2020, and later will be available to stream on Netflix. Stay tuned for the next season of a popular TV show.