How Pets Uplift the Spirits Within a Home

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Grace Malone, Reporter

It’s no secret that over the years science has proven the power of pet affection in the household. In these dark times, many people are questioning what they can do to bring light into their new full-time living space. Through the process of love, these charming companions will not just put a smile on your face, but uplift the feeling of your home. 

Stress is a key component in the daily lives of people suffering from an overwhelming amount of events occurring in their lives. Stress has played a large role in humans during this time, stirring up unhealthy habits and causing dark thoughts. Though stress is very common in humans today, it is definitely something that can cause a lot of health issues and mental problems. Studies have shown that playing with a dog or cat can increase levels of serotonin and dopamine, which relax and calm the mind and body. By doing so, a person is able to relax more, distracting themselves with another living thing that can feel their emotion, and can keep their secrets! 

It isn’t only stress that having a furry friend can relieve, the National Health Organization estimates that over 16 million adults in the United States struggle with the inner war of depression. Depression is a battle that comes with the uttermost darkened feelings that leave people feeling alone, hopeless, and afraid. Though depression is severe, it can be fought, and overcome. In a recent survey created by the Human-Animal Bond Research Institute, 74% of pet owners stated that having a pet improved their mental health!  It’s amazing that through scientific research, it’s proven that in many cases, animals uplift the home, spirits, and help create a sense of hope, love, comfort and reliability. 

While it is statistically proven to reduce depression, large pets can be a challenging thing to take on in life. Dogs often come with a bill of responsibility regarding food, water, time and supplies. Though dogs are often recognized as “man’s best friend” they are not the only animals who can fill a space with a sense of adoration, comfort and peace. Many animals come with benefits that can relieve symptoms of human pain. Whether it’s riding a horse or talking to your fish, it’s the feeling that the animal needs you that fills a person with comfort, love and peace. 

According to ABC News, California animal shelters have been cleared clean because of people in need of a companion! This is great news considering these dark times because it shows a silver lining though the storm! Though many animals have been adopted, there are still plenty more that need a home. 

Being in quarantine for so long can leave humans feeling alone and depressed, but with the presence of a friendly companion, spirits all over the globe are being lifted.